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Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother Letter for you or your friends

Fairy Godmother Letters are letters of wholesome love and compassion written for children of all ages. No matter how old you are, you’ll always be a child at heart. Some children have lacked something fundamental in their personal lives and development and are in need of motherly comfort and love.

These letters can be gifted to anyone you care about in need of uplifting comfort and support letters. Real letters, something unique and special sent to your mailbox to be discovered and opened by you. Paper to hold in hand and read again and again whenever you need uplifting. This is beautiful compassionate support for your healing journey or the perfect gift for someone walking theirs. One payment gives you letters for the whole year. You decide how many and the frequency, with the choice of an additional special mystery gift to be delivered from your fairy godmother to you or to the special friend of your choosing.

Monthly $24.99 per year

Bi-monthly  $15.99 per year

Quarterly  $9.99 per year

Mystery Gift (large) $149.95 one time

Mystery Gift (medium) $99.95 one time

Mystery Gift (small) $49.95 one time